‘I am Twig, Bone, Feather’ is a blog about inspiration; about all those moments and experiences, the expected and unexpected, the sought and found, that inspire me, that fill my heart and mind with a yearning to create. I am a writer and a poet, so my life is a continuous search for the extraordinary. Sometimes I find it in the tiniest things: in the sway of a falling leaf, in the startling cry of a bird. Other times I find it in the large moments in life, those experiences that seem too big for the heart or mind to contain. But I also find it in books and art, or in my favourite archaeological sites that are filled with silenced stories.

So ‘I am Twig, Bone, Feather’ is a medley, a motley collection of writings and findings, an exploration of all the wonderful things that make an ordinary life extraordinary. Think of it as a scrapbook, or a cabinet of curiosities 🙂 and let it take you on imaginary journeys you might never have ventured on without it.

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