So this is me, then.

Fragment 1.  The wood I gather from many different places. I find it in forests, on hills and beaches. There are no prerequisites for what makes a piece of wood suitable; it might be its texture, shape, or the contours of its extremities. Some, for example, curve out and away, like a curl of hair,... Continue Reading →


When was the beginning? At times, in recovery, it seems important to pinpoint the exact moment when things began to change. It is often the lowest point we mark as a beginning, what many refer to as 'rock bottom', but it wasn't like that for me. For me the real change began just before dawn... Continue Reading →

This blog is meant to work as a kind of scrapbook, a place where I can post thoughts, feelings and experiences that will eventually turn into a complete work featuring text and photos. I’m working on a project on trauma, landscape and identity, so this blog is a record of a journey of discovery and […]

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